Sermons Archive

The sermons preached by Ps.Oswin Jamestudd are transcribed with much prayer and dedication to make you understand the spiritual authority and power that you have over the darkness of this world and reach your destiny that God has ordained for you!

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1.Spiritual Warfare (English)


Spiritual Warfare (Tamil)


2.Prosperity (English)


Prosperity (Tamil)


3.Faith it or Fake it! (English)


Faith it or Fake it! (Tamil)


4.Chariots of Fire (English)


Chariots of Fire (Tamil)


5.Spiritual Warfare-Mind Evolution (English)


Spiritual Warfare-Mind Evolution (Tamil)


6.Living a life worthy of your call (English)


Living a life worthy of your call (Tamil)


7.New Covenant (English)


New Covenant (Tamil)