What is in your spirit?


The Israelite people knew that they were the chosen people of God. But, when Goliath came, what they knew did not manifest. They knew they were called to win, but the knowledge in their mind was not able to manifest when they were facing Goliath. There was this little boy David who got it in his spirit. He was anointed, he was moving with a different attitude, different vibration, and different idea because it was in his spirit. Nobody taught him karate, Kungfu and all the tricks, but it was in his spirit.

David chose five stones from the brook. The king and the army of Israelites did not know that David was led by the spirit. They knew the sword fight, they knew the armour, they knew the spear fight, and they knew all the tricks. They knew the technology to calculate the height, weight, the biceps, and triceps of Goliath. For forty days, the kingdom of Israel fasted and prayed. They did their physical, chemical, biological, spiritual exercise and whatever they knew.

We see that such people are not outside the church, they are in the church, they are spiritual, and they praise God and worship the Lord. They do what they could do in their physical strength. They are not bad people; they are not wicked people; they are the children of God. The difference is David was anointed and he knew in his spirit that he was called for greater things.

 The moment David heard about Goliath; he knew that Goliath was his victim. Sometimes we feel it right? This is me; this place is mine; this is where I will go, this is what I will do. We feel it in our spirit, but we do not know how to move about it. I know this is mine, I know I should hold it, but I do not know how to hold it.  That is why we need to understand the experience of moving in the Holy Ghost.

Jesus himself says, “The spirit is like the wind. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going”. Like that is the man who is led by the spirit. You can’t explain, you can’t understand, you can’t comprehend, you can’t believe.

David did not know what he was about to do, that’s why he took five stones. He was led by the spirit to go and pick stones. What was the logic behind picking stones? No logic, he just got it in his spirit. What is the logic behind suddenly applying to a company? No logic, you just feel it. That is meant by “led by the spirit”. There is no logic or theological background behind picking five pebbles from the river.

We think theology is everything and we make it so hard and rugged. As we start operating and are led by the spirit, then we understand things very differently.

It is the same situation in the wall of Jericho, it is the same situation in the red sea, it is the same situation in the place called Marah, where the water was bitter. God just told Moses to cut the tree and put it down. We don’t need any distillation, titration, and filtration. Just cut the tree and put it down, that’s it.

There was the great city of Jericho covered with a great wall. What are we supposed to do? Do we need a bulldozer or an atom bomb or something to break it? No, we just got to praise. So, according to your situation I am not telling you to follow Jericho method, I am not telling you to follow David method, I am not telling you to follow Daniel method. That’s the mistake of the church, that’s the problem of the church. We try to follow Jericho method, we try to follow Esther method, we try to follow Moses, Abraham method, we try to follow everybody’s method, but the Holy Ghost method is not being followed.

 In your life, in your situation, you have the Holy Ghost. The spiritual law is the same, the spiritual move is the same, and God is the same. But according to your situation, your circumstances, you have the Holy Ghost who will teach you the method and let you know what you are supposed to do. You don’t have to follow anybody’s method.

You are led by the spirit; do not expect everybody to agree with what you do. This is called “being led by the spirit”. If you are led by the spirit, you shall live, not by the flesh, not by the criminal tricky plans of the mind but by the spirit of the Lord.

The man who is led by the spirit is open-minded, he doesn’t have to hide anything, he doesn’t have to squeeze and create things. His mind is free, his mind is relaxed, and he senses the presence of God. He has a song in his lips all the time. He walks with a spring in his feet all the time.  He is a jovial, happy, jolly guy. He is always smiling and charming. He is the one who carries and senses the presence of God.

 If you are full of your mind, your soul is overtaken; you cannot sense the presence of God. You are filled with tension, anxiety, worry and fear. So, the spirit of God cannot connect to you. The cool word belongs to us but the world has taken it away and the church is so hot, tensed and angry. Be cool, no matter what the doctors say, maybe it is a malignant tumour, let them take a biopsy and prove but our trust is in the Lord. There are things that doctors can do; there are things that God can do. Do not be fearful immediately and say “Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani”. We read in Romans 8:28, we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Confess: Lift your hands and say “Lord I know all things work together always for my good, I shall not fall, I shall not die, I shall not be defeated, I shall not be a victim, I shall be a victor. In my body I am healed, I shall not die of a disease, I shall not die of an accident, I trust in you Lord, my mind is free, no tension, no anxiety, no fear, no irritation, I overcome every circumstance, I overcome every challenge. I dictate the situation in the name of Jesus. I shall not be taken down by the wind or the wave. The wind and the wave can rock my boats but I trust in you Lord”. This is the attitude and authority that you and I should carry, led by the Holy Ghost.