Amazing Testimonies

Sis.Joanna Testimony

My name is Joanna, I have about 14 years of IT work experience and working as a Technology Lead in one of the top MNC’s. Right from the beginning, I was always assigned to high pressure projects, and there was no work life balance. This continued even after I got married. I have a son who is now 9 years old.

While there are numerous instances where God has blessed me, I would like to share one incident as my testimony.

In June 2017, I was assigned to work for an Australian Telecom Giant

I already heard that it is the “baap” of all high pressure projects. However, since there was no other project available, I prayed about it and said “Lord if this is not for me, take it away”. My immediate manager assured me that in case I find it difficult to handle, he will release me in 2 months. I was naïve enough to believe him but what I did not to know at that time was that it was impossible to get a release.

I joined and realized that the project indeed lived up to its name. I tried to do my best, managing the track I was given for a couple of releases. Always I was put into releases that had high visibility and were extremely demanding.  To ensure that the team had the things they need to pick up when they come to office, I used to wake up at 4am to analyze and plan for the day and my day would finally end at 10-11pm in the night and still there would be so many issues and I was bombarded on every side by managers. I would attend calls back to back from 8:30 am till 1:30 pm. My eyes used to just dry out and I would start feeling feverish by 1pm. No breakfast, lunch or dinner and the same my family had to go through. My husband supported me a lot and took on most chores at home. My son would keep asking me for food and I would not have the time to give him anything. I would remain sitting at my desk for long hours and I started putting on weight. My situation was bad and getting worse.

I finally asked my manager for a release in November, to be exact November 22nd. I was past my 2 months window we agreed to in the beginning. We discussed and I told him that I need a release by January end as my mother will be coming to stay with me for the next 6 months and she is very old and I need to care for her and we definitely cannot continue on food delivery apps. He just left it at – let’s try to work it out.

And then something changed.  But as pastor says the battle is far from over!! The very next month my manager changed. She would call me at 1am to ask me to login and check something because it was critical. The tech lead for my track was away for three weeks unannounced, she would not be reachable over phone or mail. We had no clue when she would connect. Since I was from a technical background, I had to take that up too. Once I worked day and night for 3 days at a stretch.

In January, I had my appraisal discussion with my earlier manager as for the appraisal period I was reporting to him. In the course of my discussion, I reminded him of the release and he told me that he would not be able to release me until end of February or mid-March. I was totally disheartened and I knew I could not continue any further. I prayed about it and left it to God and went about my extremely busy schedule.

On January 21 exactly, two months from November 22nd, my friend from the Talent Deployment Team, sent me a message congratulating me. I immediately called her and she told me that she received a mail from my manager that I was going to be released in 3 days. I almost did a somersault in the bay. Thanked the Lord. Though my date for release was decided as 25th January, it was extended till January 31st.

My manager, on the day of my release said, “it was good working with you Joanna, it would have been great if you could continue. And then she added, “I heard this release came from someone higher up and we could not do anything to retain you”. I mused and added “Yes, I spoke to someone really high” and thought in my heart, “higher than any other name !!”

As I ponder about it, I am amazed how God worked a miracle in my favor and per my demand of a release at the end of January. While it was a nightmare, I believe I really needed this project to learn a lot of lessons, and God had a plan for me, preparing me and in due time also planned for my release. God is simply amazing and as Mary pondered in her heart, we also need to ponder on all the things that God has done in our lives.

A lot of people after this asked me, “Joanna, what did you do, tell us so we also can try for a release”. I told them “I prayed “. While most people gave a puzzled look, one actually told me he too would pray!!!

I am now in a project that has a management with a conscience!! I am able to manage my work and home beautifully.

As the pastor always says that in the dead of the night the Lord is working in our favor. It is true. We need to hang in there!! I wish to give all the glory honor and praise to my heavenly Father and to pastor for his encouraging words!

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know the one who is holding it and I trust him completely!!!

Sis.Kalai & Bro.Suresh Testimony

Myself Kalai and my husband Suresh started attending ELAG church since 2016. Ever since we came to this church we are growing spiritually. We both received the Holy Spirit during the night prayers, after which things started changing in our lives.  Foremost thing, is that the experience of living a victorious Christian life became real. To emphasis this, I would like to share a few incidences, after being part of the night prayers. About a week after receiving the holy spirit, I started sensing some kind of darkness in my house. I spoke to Pastor regarding this and he told me “if God is showing you something, he will also give you the strength to drive it out’’. So, I started praying in tongues, rebuking it but was unsuccessful.  That week, in the night prayer, Pastor spoke on Ephesians 1: 18-22. I personalised the verse for myself and started confessing that “the same power is in me which God exerted when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand of the father and God placed all things under his feet; I am seated with Jesus on the right hand of the father and devil is under my feet”. The same day, I felt the deliverance in my home. The mark of a good spiritual leader is, to train his people to stand independently and face their adversaries, to speak the biblical truths and God-given revelations boldly without fear yet not offending anyone and to have a compassionate heart for his people. I have observed these qualities in our Pastor in several occasions. So, I can gladly and confidently say that we are under good leadership; this motivated me to attend the night prayers regularly. Three years back when we came back from Europe, my only prayer was, “Lord take us to a church where we will grow in you and become more like you eventually”, and I think God has answered my prayers.

We have been married for 7 years and we didn’t have a child. I have tried several treatments, including hormonal treatments and the medicines that I took made my life miserable. My parents were very concerned and they took me to IVF centres. Every time I was at the hospital, I felt very restless, I felt that being a Christian I am doing something against my faith. I felt that I am declaring that my God is incapable of doing anything about my situation so I am running to doctors. I was struggling between the reality of life and faith. Through all this, Shimi sister and Pastor stood as a pillar of support praying and encouraging me to have faith. At one point in time, I decided to stop running to doctors and to stop every treatment and decided to wait on the Lord. I gained the faith and strength by attending the night prayers and every message of Pastor strengthened my faith. I told my parents boldly that my God whom I worship will give me a child and I stopped every other treatment. I realised that once I stopped running in my own strength God started working in me. I started praying in tongues every day at least for an hour. I gained new spiritual strength and things started changing in my life. In Dec 2018 I conceived naturally without any medical intervention. As Pastor keeps telling let doctors do what they can do and let God do what he can do. Doctors indeed have limitations but my God the Lord of all spirits “Jesus Christ” is a miracle-working God. Through my experience, I could only say that there is nothing impossible with God, I have learned to stop running in my own strength and doing things according to my logical understanding. The key is to wait on the Lord shutting away every negative thought and fear, just focusing on the promises of the Lord. Every time I prayed in tongues, I felt a new spiritual strength to rebuke every other authority and fear operating in my life. I strongly believe that as I became strong spiritually the things that were blocking my God-given destiny started opening up. I could have got a baby through IVF or other medical procedures but the joy and happiness in receiving purely from God is nowhere comparable. Now we both stand as a testimony in front of my family members and relatives who are Hindus. We now boldly tell them that we serve a living God who is a miracle worker. There are no words to thank Pastor for leading us in the truth and opening our eyes to spiritual reality.

I would like to share few testimonies at my office as well, I work as a Scientist in a research Institute.  To establish my own lab, I had to write grants. I wrote two grants to the government and both the grants got sanctioned and I have established my own lab with a grant of 40 lakhs. Throughout India, the grant was given only to 100 women scientist and 99 of the chosen where from CSIR Institutes (Central Govt) and I was the only one who got the grant working in a non-CSIR Institute. I knew it was purely God and God alone. I give Jesus all the Glory, for he makes his people “head not the tail”. Recently in July 2019, my research paper got published in International Journal of Nanomedicine with high impact factor which got me a lot of recognition in the Institute. I have also seen God’s favour over me in my workplace, for it is written: “do not touch my anointed”. I have seen the downfall of people who tried to mess up with me, unwantedly. One of the faculties even left the Institute. My confidence in the Lord has grown so much that if anybody tries to get in conflict with me, I don’t even feel agitated instead I laugh from inside and feel like telling them “come, come next is your turn”. I do not even feel like arguing or defending my point, because I have learned, if I keep quiet, my God is going to defend me. I think this is called as entering the rest of God, just being in confidence, doing nothing and watch our adversaries fall. Earlier I didn’t have this confidence and peace in me, I used to get anxious and try fighting my battles in my own strength. I think God alone can give us true peace and rest in every area of our lives, if only we can stay calm, stop fighting our battles and see God in action. I received these revelations from the night prayers in our church and started operating on what I learned.

Similar things happened with my husband in his office. He is currently working for a UK based company; he has applied to Mercedes Benz 2 years back. Recently he received a call from Mercedes Benz, they took his CV from their database and they offered him Principal Engineer position (next to Manager) which is twice higher than his current position. Now that his current company doesn’t want him to leave, they offered him all possible perks, hikes and even onsite opportunity to completely relocate to UK. Since we were not interested in relocation, we refused the offer and accepted the offer from Benz. Though we never looked for any of these opportunities, it just came knocking at our door and we know that it is purely God“a man with diligent hand shall stand before kings and not before ordinary man”. My husband’s hypertension (bp) is also becoming normal after Pastor had prayed over him. We are thankful to Jesus for his grace and mercy. The biggest turning point in our life is finding ELAG church and being a part of it. God has given us greater visions and promises in our personal life and in ministry. So, yet more testimonies are to come, as we keep growing in the Lord.

God bless,

Suresh & Kalai

Sis. Bhavana Zion

“Praise the Lord ! I am Bhavana Zion and I joined this church in the month of October last year 2018. Peculiarly since last December or in the early January, I was feeling something heavy/ packed up in my lower abdomen. Something like shot put. It was so heavy and causing lot of pain during brisk movement. I did not tell this to my husband but I told him to have a visit of doctor. But he said you seem quite all right and don’t think you are sick. Let’s pray till March and will go to the doctor in April. We were praying since then about this and by the time I visited the doctor did not find any complication in my body. On 17th March, I couldn’t come to church but was watching the service in YouTube and Pastor was doing healing prayer for all the members of the church. So, I joined that prayer on that day and 24th March I came to church for service. Before the communion Pastor again told those who are sick in the body, while taking communion will be healed. Also he mentioned don’t have any doubt after taking the Holy Communion and don’t feel sick again. So, I introspected myself, I should be determined and not to have any doubt and cross checked my body. I shall believe that I am healed.  So I took that word and prayed and after that prayer I felt so light in my body. But as I decided, I was not at all bothered to have any medical check-up. But in the evening, while doing my domestic works in home. I rushed to the kitchen. Then I realised, I was not feeling any kind of pain in my body. All praise to God!. To confirm what I felt, I twisted my body for 5 minutes and I felt no pain in my body. God has done one more miracle during the same week. Usually I suffer with vomiting during my menstrual time. This time even with a sip of water, I started vomiting. So 26th & 27th March I suffered with severe vomiting. I did not take any kind of food or tablets. On 27th March evening the cramps were so severe that I couldn’t bear anymore but then I tried with some food & tablets that day to control the pain and did not work. Ideally, this medicine should work within 30 mins but even after 1 hour, cramps were more severe and I was getting unconscious because of the pain. I was all alone that time because my husband was outside to get some tender coconut water for me. After 1 hour I realised that this is something which will not be healed with medicine, this has to be done with deliverance prayer and I called my mother for prayer. However, since my mother was in another prayer meeting, she could not able to hear me and just said I am in a prayer meeting, I will call you back. Then I didn’t have energy to call anybody else. I thought of calling Prayer tower but since I was feeling unconscious was not able to do that. Then I remembered that there will be Wednesday healing & deliverance prayer in church. But I could not find the link to watch live at that point of time but I heard a voice that I should go for praise & worship. I was listening to the regular praise & worship songs but nothing was working. Then I heard “strong praise, strong praise”. I saw a vision going that church choir team were singing songs. So I looked up to the church choir song in YouTube and that time and I played “Hosanna Song”. I was praying as the pain was unbearable and asking God to take out the pain and 2nd song that automatically played by little children “10000 reasons”. By the time 2nd song got completed, all my cramps were gone! I stood up fresh as no pain was there before. All praise to God!

Miracle Healing during a Sunday communion

Sister Christina

Glory to God! I am Ms. Christina and 43 years old. For the past 2 years, I have been suffering with this problem called fissure, it’s due to some pre-menstrual cycle issues and it was extremely painful and sometimes it would start hurting so badly that I would not be able to sit, walk or even stand. I am a teacher and I had to be on the move every day. I wondered if there is any medicine for this. This Easter Sunday service when Our Pastor said claim your healing and mentioned about a lady who was healed. I asked my Lord to heal me and deliver me from the pain that I was suffering from.

During communion service I claimed my healing and knew for sure that the Lord had touched me. The same evening when I went home and used the restroom I was completely amazed that there was no pain at all. I was so happy and excited about this healing and shared with Pastor the next morning.

Since then, absolutely no pain and this perfect healing given only by my Great Physician My Lord and Saviour.

Sister Malar Testimony

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! My name is Malar. I am working as software professional. I belong to a staunch Hindu family where they worship idols, snakes and ancestors as gods. My parents also worshipped my aunty who passed away in her young age. She was a fortune teller and she was possessed with the spirit of a serpent. The day I was born, my parents assumed that my aunt has reincarnated and dedicated myself to the late ancestor.

From my teenage I was encountering several problems physically, mentally as well as spiritually. I neither had a peaceful sleep nor had a stable mind due to which I could not concentrate in my studies. Overwhelming physical and mental struggles had dried up my spiritual life. Even at my workplace, faced too many rejections for no reason and felt obstacles in all the walks of my life. In such a drastic situation I started attending “Eternal Light AG Church” regularly and immediately sensed that all my life burdens started to move away.

One day suddenly my nipples started bleeding. I was worried and went to the hospital for a check-up. The doctors just gave some medicines, did some tests but they couldn’t diagnose the cause of bleeding.  I personally met the Pastor and shared all my problems with him. Pastor counselled me and gave a prayer strategy that I could follow in my daily life like how to pray and when to pray. Instantly I obeyed and carefully started adopting his advice in my daily prayer life. The very first miracle that I received was a peaceful sleep. The second miracle is that the serpent spirit within me left immediately. The bleeding from my nipples stopped. Almost 4 months I was jobless and as Pastor exactly prophesied I got a new job 2 days after Easter. Further Pastor helped me to get saved and now I am baptised.  The biggest miracle is that, the day I got baptised my menstrual problem that I had for four months became normal. Now I am completely set free!

All glory to God forever and ever! Amen.